1. Process Engineering Consultancy
    Process Engineering Consultancy
    We serve Primarily Industry Verticals like Manufacturing, Automobile, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Refineries and working with Conultants like JERP, MottMcDonalds, Linde and others within India and International.Innovative technology that improves functionality and drastically reduces manual intervention while being cost efficient is ushering in a new era for industries like transportation, medical devices, telecom and industrial products. Organizations recognize the need to optimize R&D spends without compromising R&D productivity. Product development efforts and sustenance processes need to become more ‘lean’ to drive bottom line improvement and top line growth. Adopting new business models that leverage Engineering Processes Services (EPS) efficiencies can help OEMs to increase their focus on core business activities and leave the rest to expert partners. OEMs need to leverage a robust EPS framework, addressing the entire product development life cycle, to reduce time to market, ensure quality compliance, and manage lean teams while expanding product development bandwidth. Enhance productivity: Streamline existing processes with our state-of-the-art methodologies developed through several decades of engagements with OEM majors and enhance productivity with our lean processes. Better focus on core activities: By outsourcing non core activities like sustenance, OEMs can strengthen focus on strategic core activities by expanding their product portfolio and innovation pipeline. Optimize cost: Realize costs benefits with offshore services of your Engineering and R&D activities.
  2. ERP - IT Automation Consultancy
    ERP - IT Automation Consultancy
    Our primarily Clients include Healthcare, Telecom and Automobile Industry for ERP solutions. Having established its reputation as one of the most capable ERP solution provider across verticals, Enact Engineering and Consultancy (EEC) has always pioneered an approach driven by the passion to excel and deliver only the best Comprising of a blend of accelerators, templates and technologically advanced toolkits. The team at Enact Engineering and Consultancy (EEC) does a detailed process mapping and documentation that help in addressing the ever-evolving needs of an organization. While implementing the project in various phases, Experts makes it a point to adhere to the highest of quality standards and therefore is able to deliver cost effective solution tailor made to suit the requirements of your business. Establishing multiple checkpoints, our expert team ensures that every bit of data going into the system is accurate. Currently, we, at Experts, Our speciality lies in providing end to end ERP module implementation. Using the latest advancements in technology, our primary focus has always been on helping customers maximize the return on the investments that they make in SAP modules by improving their business. Here is a list of advantages that you get by opting for our ERP implementation services: -A guaranteed increases in the overall business efficiency due to improvement of business process - Streamlining operations and catalyzing the growth of the business - Cost effective and reliable service - Round the clock accessibility of our experts - A highly experienced yet dedicated team - Strict adherence to quality and certification procedures - Minimal disruption of existing operations while implementation of solution - Defining timelines and avoiding delays.
  3. Management Consulting
    Management Consulting
    Building Effective and Result Oriented Organization The powerful 'hard' and 'soft' combination: creating the high-performing organization in times of economic volatility Traditional performance management systems frequently fail to deliver desired business objectives. Indeed, at its worst, poor performance management can be directly linked to poor business results. If you still operate performance management systems from five years ago or more, you haven't adapted to the new economic reality. By maintaining outdated systems, you miss the opportunity to align strategy with culture for the benefit of the whole enterprise. The frontline mismatch What happens at the organization's frontline is often not what the CEO intended when setting the business strategy. This is because communications from the top are not always clearly understood further down the line, leading to a mismatch between corporate strategy and how it is translated into targets at a team or individual level. In short, if the 'hard' (the business goals and strategy) and the 'soft' (employee motivation and culture) are not in harmony, results suffer. Yet by implementing strategic performance management the connection between the hard and the soft can be made. The missing link is the strategic performance management model. Executives must ask how they actually want to manage performance. Long-term growth or short-term gains? What targets must be met and by when? And how do you want managers and employees to work to achieve them?
  4. Sales - Marketing  Consulting
    Sales - Marketing Consulting
    EXTENSIVE RESEARCH TOOLS We can conduct market research using specific type of qualitative or quantitative methodology and have the know-how to apply those methodologies. We work closely with you to develop a cost effective plan to gather the market information and insights essential for your business. ANALYTICS We interrogate data to provide you with inputs to your business cases and algorithms. Analytics involves the interrogation of data, in order to provide you with inputs that inform, or transform, your marketing strategy. To give you a competitive edge, Enact Engineering and Consultancy (EEC) can help you discover and communicate purposeful patterns in data. SEGMENTATION Segment customers using statistically robust business relevant frameworks.Most segmentations start with a need within your business to understand the market you operate in and the ability to identify which customers to focus on. We are experts in grouping customers and measuring their potential value to you. PROPOSITION REFINEMENT Optimise products or services to meet your business goals.Proposition refinement can help you address business questions, with a clear understanding of your market, competition and portfolio. Our dedicated team can assist you in answering the questions that resonate with the challenges you are facing. PRICING Create pricing strategies to maximise your revenues or profits.Pricing has an immediate and obvious impact on the bottom line. As a result, companies often look to price changes as a fast and effective way to increase profits. We are experts in pricing strategy and using research to support key decisions. MARKET DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Marketing Development in the areas of: a. New Product/Service Launch b. Improving Existing Product / Service Business c. Rethinking of Current Marketing Operations d. Devising Product/Service Distribution e. Publicity & Media Planning l Sales Training l Market Survey l Customer Satisfaction Survey
  5. Strategy Consulting
    Strategy Consulting
    In the present day business scenario, evolution or change is the only permanent element. At Enact Consultancy, we understand the importance of change and invest paramount efforts to accordingly develop effective business strategies that help organizations survive this period of change and sustain their profits as well as generate new business value. With our extensive experience accumulated by serving some of the best companies across the globe including the Fortune 500 firms, we have developed an expertise when it comes to identifying the problem, analyzing the possibility of various solutions and figuring out the best way to implement them. Thanks to our core focus on optimizing customer satisfaction and generating maximum value for businesses, we are amongest the few organizations across the globe that has been able to successfully offer strategic consulting services to companies in several categories according to the ever evolving demands of the business scenario. We help companies develop innovative as well as target focused operating strategies by a thorough analysis of the existing way of working and help them leverage the competitive advantage to achieve better growth in spite of a recessionary scenario. Additionally, this also helps us in optimizing the use of existing resources instead of burdening the business with new expenditure. In simple terms, we provide consulting that is cost effective as well as efficient.
  6. International Business Consulting
    International Business Consulting
    Companies face challenges when entering new global markets (Global Market Entry) and with their existing global operations (Globalization). Enact Engineering and Consultancy (EEC) offers a comprehensive suite of services that leverage the right people with proven processes and are enabled with technology, analytics and best practices. :: Research :: -Services provided include: -Data collection and market analysis -Executive Summary -Business climate and government policy regulation evaluations -Market research report on entry barriers, success factors, decision-maker -process and key influencers -Partnership identification -Market, economic and political overview -Routes to market -Investment overview -Cost and logistics environment -Research and development -Recommendations -Trade fair selection -Trade fair preparation, translation and commercial assistance -Post event management, follow up and closure -Your requirements at this phase may be for a more comprehensive primary and secondary research package or could be much more basic. Our expertise allows you to assimilate information on the ground in specific geographic regions. Our research team and suppliers adhere to CASRO, ESOMAR or national professional standards. In our supposedly globalized economy, business is often advised to charge head first across borders as if the whole world were one seamless, flat marketplace. But the world isn't so flat in reality. Businesses that don't take into account specific political, cultural, and economic differences are doomed to fail.
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